• Katerine López Olguín.CUSTOMS AGENCY, since 1981

  • We are management in foreign trade,
    the difference is in our services.

The difference is in our services, We are management in foreign trade,



We have a global service of Imports, suspensive regimes, certification and nationalization of merchandise.

-Import under general regime.

-Import under treaties (Bilateral - Multilateral - etc

-Import under Capital Goods (DL55 / 2007)..

-Importation under rule 1 inc. I-2nd and 3rd.

-General temporary Admission Statement.

-Declaration of temporary Admission fairs.

-Declaration of private warehouse of import.


We provide a global export service for the full range of output operations, such as temporary departures, re-exports, among other.

-Processing of all types of customs destinations, directly in the main customs of the country (Valparaíso - San Antonio - Los Andes - Airport A. Merino Benítez).

-Advice on foreign trade and obtaining phytosanitary and origin certificates, so we have a certification department.

-Evaluation of tariff conditions in the frameworks of ALADI, MERCOSUR, and of different free trade agreements, (Canada, Mexico, European Union, USA, etc.) for export to various countries.

Others service

-We manage and orientate professionally throughout the chain of foreign trade, both in logistics and in operative, legal and banking matters.
-Advising on Investment Projects
-Permanent update on the FTA signed by our country.


About Us


To help our clients in their management of foreign trade, Having our first level professionals, of our experience and commitment.


Be recognized as the best alternative in customs agencies in the different areas of services in foreign trade.

Value Proposal:

Transmit honesty to work together, generating an environment of respect. We are persevering and committed to your company.

Contact Information

Central Office: San Antonio 378 - Oficina Nº 806 Santiago Centro.
Sales: 224864712
Central Phone: 224864700

Branch office

  • Of. Airport Arturo Merino Benítez
  • Of. Land Port Los Andes
  • Of. Land Port San Antonio
  • Of. Land Port Valparaíso

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